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Moving your family for work (how to make everyone happy)


When the time comes to announce a great promotion and relocation coming up – it’s often a great and also dreaded moment in family life. It’s even more so, if you were secretly hoping to get that job and kept it all bottled up inside till you could announce your good news!  Moving your family for work need not involve that much drama when you work things out as early as possible!

Follow these 3 moving tips to get the whole family involved

Don’t wait till last minute to break the good news.  Your good news takes time for others to digest, so begin suggesting to your partner or other concerned parties the possibility of moving and upgrading your lifestyle.  It’s good to do some first-hand explaining of how you are going about making a new beginning for all of you.  

It’s best to inform children, if any, the closer you begin moving towards your relocation date. Moving your family for work and informing too early creates too much anticipation.  Wait till last minute and that leaves no time for reactions, questions and discussions. You know when time is good because your answers begin to sound more confident and inspiring. Try to find a middle path to preserve peace and positive feelings home.

Host a fun Q&A session with all the concerned parties over some fun activity.  Ideally, combine an outing and engaging activity and make the whole process seem like a game.  Imagine that you are all participating in a building project where everyone has a say on how to go about decorating this family move.  Get creative and show that you are really trying hard to impress them and convince them.  It will be appreciated down the road.

Moving with kids can be fun and engaging.  Relocation plans and relationships are best nurtured together and you will end up feeling like this decision was shared.  Follow these moving tips to get everyone in tune and enjoy the ride!  For planning your relocation, you might enjoy this article on how important visiting places before moving your family for work can be full of surprises. 


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